Once was this boy 

named Henry

He was consumed by 

fear and anxiety

He barely left his room, 

so filled with gloom

All tucked away, 

hidden from society

His parents at a loss, 

what to do with him

Little Henry's thoughts, 

were always so grim

So filled with dread, 

hidden under his bed

even hated the light so 

he kept his room so dim

Even in his dreams, 

Henry couldn't find peace

He'd close his eyes 

but the terrors 

wouldn't cease

Gasping for air from 

another nightly scare

Henry often cried 

for a mental release

Then one day there's a 

knock on Henry's door

A frightened little Henry, 

crept across the floor

He heard an old man's voice 

proclaim he had a choice

Open it up and soon 

he'd have his cure

Henry was tired of 

feeling so alone

Strangely he thought that 

this old man had known

Choking back a sob he 

reached up for the knob

Into his dark room a 

piercing light had shone

In walked the man his 

voice was very calm

He said he heard the prayers 

of Henry's loving mom

There was fire in his eyes, 

he told Henry to arise

The wisdom that he spoke 

flowed out like a psalm

He said fear not 

for I am with you

Henry didn't object, 

he knew his words were true

He obeyed what he said, 

was no longer filled with dread

And the power of his faith 

made little Henry new

© 2020 Donald Arthurs

All rights reserved

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