Past and present indie video game projects:

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Max Charge

Max Charge is currently in development and is scheduled for a 2020 release on iOS devices. Max Charge takes place on a futuristic space factory responsible for harvesting electricity. Max’s job is to charge up all of the energy cells as quickly as possible without draining himself of energy. To make matters more challenging, Max will encounter several enemies and obstacles along the way.


Oh Piggy!

(no longer available)

Oh Piggy! was our first in a series of games intended to allow the user to pick up and jump right into the action.  Oh Piggy! is inspired by a story found in the book of Mark in the New Testament.  In this story, a man possessed with many evil spirits has an encounter with Jesus.  The evil spirits pleaded with Jesus to allow them to enter into a herd of pigs once being expelled from the man.  The pigs then jump into the nearby water to drown themselves.  In Oh Piggy!,  you are the last remaining pig running for your life dodging the evil spirits.  How many evil spirits can you dodge before taking a plunge? 


Hundred and Twenty

(no longer available)

Hundred and twenty is a fast paced mathematical puzzle game consisting of multiple game modes to sharpen one’s wits and hone one’s math skills. The Apple Watch™ extension of hundred and twenty is included in version 1.2 and higher. Regular mode presents the user with a set of randomized numbers ranging from 1 to 40 in which the user must use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to make their number equal to 120. Puzzle mode presents a computer generated puzzle set of 5 numbers in which the user must combine 2 or more numbers in conjunction with operators to make their number equal to 120. To make the game more intense, time challenge mode may be turned on to make the user race to find a solution before time runs out. A difficulty slider is available so even the youngest of users will enjoy building their proficiency in math. Leaderboard scoring in Game Center is supported to add a level of friendly competition amongst users. Hundred and twenty displays an artistic modern user interface along with a high energy original soundtrack to add to the user experience. Whether one plays for entertainment purposes or mathematical development, hundred and twenty will have one coming back for more. The Apple Watch™ extension allows the user to play the hundred and twenty puzzle mode straight from their Apple Watch. High scores and settings are synced between the two devices allowing for seamless transition from one to the other. Perfect for those trips to work on the subway or cuddled up on your favorite chair at night.

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